Our Mission

The goal of Irvine Music Lessons is to foster a deep sense of enjoyment, understanding and appreciation of music within all of our students regardless of age or skill-level.

It is our belief that music lessons should be fun and informative by helping students reach above and beyond musical goals in a positive and encouraging environment.

What is special about IML?

  • We are a music studio providing in home lessons, in studio lessons and performance opportunities for students of all ages in Orange County, Southern California.
  • Our teachers aren’t “curmudgeony mean teachers” (yes, we actually had someone call and ask about this!)- but they have a whole lot of experience and know what they are doing!
  • We believe in the utmost customer service and care about the families and neighborhoods we provide lessons to. The needs of the student in particular are held above everything else.

History of IML

Irvine Music Lessons was officially established in 2007. Our director was disappointed in her experiences with other music studios hiring under qualified instructors, overcharging their students and underpaying their qualified teachers, so she branched off and began taking her own students. As her own schedule began to fill rapidly, she decided to help out other musicians who share the same value system – and Irvine Music Lessons was born! Today, we remain a small company devoted to continually enhancing the instructional skills of teachers while providing quality music instruction at affordable prices.