Irvine Music Lessons Policies
This policy is an agreement between Irvine Music Lessons, instructors and students. It was created to clear up any questions which may arise, especially for missed lessons which may occur throughout the year.

Before you begin your monthly music lessons, your instructor will ask you to sign our studio policy to verify that you have understand and read the following:

Payment Policies
Music Lesson fees hold your spot in your teacher’s schedule and do not include costs for method books, class materials or recitals. All music lessons are taught in the students’ homes or a mutually agreed upon location. The student is responsible for providing an appropriate instrument.
Due Date
Each month is paid for in advance. Payment for music lessons must be received on or before the 25th of each month for the following month’s lessons.
Payment Mailing Address
Irvine Music Lessons PO BOX 60282 Irvine, CA 92602
Returned Checks
Returned checks will incur a service charge of $10 plus the amount due for lessons. Repeatedly returned checks may require a cashier’s check or alternate forms of payment.
Refunds, Credits & Prorating
No refunds or credits are given for lessons. All missed lessons must be made up.

Each month must be paid for in full, by the due date. Lessons are not prorated after the first month of lessons.
Discontinuing Lessons
If you must stop taking lessons, you must give us 30 days notice. Exceptions are made if you contact us due to extenuating circumstance.
Missed Lessons
If it becomes necessary to cancel a lesson, please give your teacher at least 3 hours notice (1 hour on early morning lessons), preferably 24 hours.
Makeup Lessons
If a lesson is missed for a legitimate reason, there are 3 options to makeup the lesson:

1) Reschedule the lesson to a different date
2) Add time to future lessons
3) Use the 5th lesson in a month as a makeup lesson
Illness & Injuries
Please be considerate of the health of your teacher and the other students by canceling your lesson if you or anyone in your household is ill.

If your child is too ill to go to school, they are too ill to have their music lesson. Appropriate reasons to cancel lessons due to illness include fever, vomiting, severe coughing or contagious skin rashes.
Vacations & Holidays
All lessons missed due to vacation or holidays must be made up. You may not skip a month of payment because of vacation.

Contact Christina at (949) 419-6567 concerning vacations of 3 weeks or longer.
Last Minute Cancellations/No-Shows
If you do not show up within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time, or do not call and cancel your lesson within an appropriate timeframe, you forfeit that lesson and will not be offered a makeup.
Emergency Situations
Exceptions will be made to the Missed Lesson policy in extreme situations or emergencies.